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    PDL 3.10 Scan_ADC_v3_10 Component fault


      I’m having a problem building a project that would build on another PC.


      I’ve recently installed PSoC creator on a fresh Windows 10 VM (on a Mac host).


      I’ve installed all Windows and PSoC Creator updates and also installed PDL 3.10. I did receive an error when trying to install C++ 2017 redestributable required by PDL 3.10 because I have a newer version installed than the one suggested by the PDL 3.10 installer, but otherwise PDL 3.10 appears to be installed (components in Creator 4.2 are listed as 3.10).


      When I clean/build the project I get the error:



      Here’s the project setup showing the error:



      I’ve tried uninstalling / reinstalling PDL 3.10 and deleting the ADC component and re-inserting it from the component list in Creator, but still get the same error.


      How can I fix this, please?