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    Command line MB9BF418TPMC flasher



      I need to program the micro MB9BF418TPMC with batch files, but I can't find anything that can help me, I didn't find any shell ..
      Can you help me?
      Thank you

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          you can use the Cypress Programmer "FLASH MCU Programmer for FM0+/FM3/FM4 (FLASH)"


          as follows by command line:



          flash "MB9BF418S/T" 4MHz test.mhx COM37 dialog


          Define the right device name (copy&paste it from the chipdef.ini)

          Define the crystal frequency

          Define your filename

          Define the right COM port

          Option "dialog" displays the progress display window, or "no_dialog"


          The result is reported within the file MESSFILE.TXT.

          If programming was successfull, the file content shows "OK", otherwise "NG" and a short problem description is given.


          Alternatively you can have a look to the 3rd party tool FLASHly, www.holgerium.de/elektronik -> flashly,

          that allows programming of your device by command line, too.


          Kindest regards.

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