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    CY8C6136BZI-F34 (BGA124) programming problem.



      Reference document Number: 002-15554 Rev. *I(PsoC6 MCU Programming Specifications).When I was developing the burning software for CY8C6136BZI-F34 (BGA124), the following problems occurred:



      After burning NAR, in the process of "Acquire Chip", the test mode cannot be entered, and subsequent operations of reading the Silicon ID cannot be performed. How to solve this problem?



      In the "Acquire Chip" process, in test mode, make sure that the PC points to ROM or Supervisory Flash, but each time it reads PC (0x08047790) to SRAM (MEM_BASE_SRAM = 0x08000000).Is this a normal result? Can I ignore this step?



      Programming Specifications Rev I about NAR has the following description. Could you help me explain the meaning of the following description? On the other hand, how to distinguish the new data is less or more restrictive than the existing data?


      "Be aware that the NAR sub-region cannot be overwritten or erased if the new data is less restrictive than the existing data."