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    Listen function cannot find the ezserial_343026-CYBT_343026_EVAL-rom-ram-Wiced-release device-2


      Dear Anjana,


      The topic of listen function is locked, so I do a new one.



      I think you modified the code from hello_client example. In the Client application, in ibeacon_client_scan_result_cback there is a  check of received adv data with hello sensor UUID. So that it will only display those devices which advertises with particular UUID.

      Please modify it and test.

      You can refer to the attached project code.




      I have done as your said to modify the code, please see below code.

      But unfortunately, EVAL board still cannot find the CYBT_343026 module after I set below cmd to CYBT_343026 module. So I think it maybe related to my settings for the CYBT_343026 module.

      (Note: EVAL board can find the CYBT_343026 module with Ez-Serial FW which I don't do any setting)


      Below are my settings for the CYBT_343026 module







      And after /A, I can see "@E,000E,ASC,S=01,R=00"