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    device not identified after CY7C65630


      I have an application with two boards,  one of them use a CY7C68013, let's call this board A. one of them has a CY7C65630 and CY7C68013 let's call this board B,


      the problem is that when I plug the A board to a PC, then everything is OK. but if I pug the A board to B board CY7C65630 downstream port, then CY7C65630 upstream port plug to PC. then the PC couldn't detect the USB device type. 


      why this hub will cause this failure? how to fix this problem( workaround)?




      David Sun


      Board A plug-in PC USB power, properties are.


      Hardware Ids:  




      Configuration Id




      Board A plug-in Board B, then Board B plug-in PC. properties are





      This is the property of the hub chip. Optovue RTVue Base Controller is the CY7C68013 on board B. unknown USB device is the board A plugged in the hub port.

      the hub driver is 6/21/2006, version is 10.0.17763.1. hardware ID is