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    Thread creation function doesn't return



      I don't know if I'm just missing something in my way to implement a new thread or if the problem comes from somewhere else.


      I'm using ThreadX and when I create a thread in the application_start, the function wiced_rtos_create_thread doesn't return, the thread is created and starts and the loop inside works well, but I can't put any code after creating one thread in my main thread.

      I tried to find if there was a way to stop and start the thread handler in order to create a new thread, but it seems that the function tx_thread_create called by wiced_rtos_create_thread takes care of everything. And looking at the way it is implemented in the tcp_server snip example it seems that a simple call does the job.

      It's kind of hard to see what really happen by debugging.
      If somebody have any idea or even direction to look at, I would be glad to hear you.

      Thank you in advance,