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    How to use ULink with PSoC for Keil?



      I was wondering how I can use the ULink/JLink debugger with PSoC 6? I have a CYBLE-416045-02 evaluation board and I was wondering if what pins in J5 I have to use for the ULink and how to connect them and set up Keil for this. Also will I have to break the board to separate the KitProg device? In such a case, how do I power the PSoC board?


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          Please check the section "Creating µVision Projects for PSoC 6" in PSoC Creator 4.2's  Help section.

          It tells how to export and configure JLINK/ULINK.

          We have not tested the exact situation in which you need (like separating the Kitprog)

          But, Please check the Table 4. Digital Peripheral Capabilities at page#14 at the datasheet available at following link:



          Connect signals on Con J9 basically, P6_VDD  (This will provide Power to P6) , GND, XRES,  P6_7 {SWDCLK / JTAG TCLK}, P6_6 {SWDIO /JTAG TMS},

          Can connect P6_5 (JTAG TDI) and P6_4 (JTAG TDO) on J5 through wire connections.


          Please check with prototype before going into production.