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    How to flash CYW43909 evaluation board properly?




      I'm trying to flash a small test application onto the board, it just should print out a debug message through the serial console.

      I use the standard Makefile inside 43xxx_Wi-Fi directory with corresponding platform directory added. The command looks like (for now, I'm using Linux host for all the stuff):


      $ ./make test.minapp-BCM943909WCD1_3 download


      During the flashing process I'm receiving this error through the console:


      !!! Sflash will work in generic 1-bit mode ( unknown sflash id : 0x1740ef ) !!!


      Except that, no other debug messages are shown.


      It seems that the wrong flash type is indicated somewhere. I have checked the platform's .mk file for flash type, it is currently set to:




      How can I check which flash type should be used?


      Actually, any guidelines on this board's flashing process are highly appreciated.