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    Disable WLAN SDIO drivers and use SDIO for SD card interfacing



      I'm using SN8000x EVB from Murata + Wiced SDK 3.1.0, I want to use the SDIO on that board for sd card interfacing. From the SDK I can see a


      wiced_result_t wiced_init( void )
          WPRINT_WICED_INFO( ("\nStarting WICED v" WICED_VERSION "\n") );
          CHECK_RETURN( wiced_core_init( ) );
          //CHECK_RETURN( wiced_wlan_connectivity_init( ) );
          return WWD_SUCCESS;

      I commented out the  wiced_wlan_connectivity_init( ) function which initialize WLAN driver...

      Is there anything else that I need to do so that I can isolate the SDIO port from WLAN using it and proceed using SDIO for my SD card interface....