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    eFuse customer data programming PC app


      I want to program unique data to the eFuse customer data region for every chip like serial number.  Can I do this with a PC app?  I don't see any API in the PSoC Programmer Component Object Model (COM) Interface Guide for writing eFuse customer data.  The only way I can do it now is to change the source code for the efuse-gen example PSoC Creator project and use PSoC Progammer to program the hex file.

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          Yes it is possible. There are no direct PPCOM APIs for doing this. You need to use the low level PPCOM APIs DAP_WriteIO which takes the address and data as the parameters.


          The register addresses can be obtained from the Register TRM.


          There is an example app developed to write into the SFlash which you can use as reference. It can be found in the path: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Cypress\Programmer\Examples\Misc\PSoC6-BLE2-SFLASH-Update\"