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    Jumping to CY_ISR(IntDefaultHandler) if PSoC4S runs in the unused flash area




      I tried whether Program counter is jumped to Hard Fault or NMI if PSoC4S runs in the unused flash area like

      "Execution of an Undefinded instruction" of Cortex™-M0+ Devices Generic User Guide(ARM DUI 0662B).

      The unused flash area is filled 0x00 by Compiler(Linker?) of PSoC Creator.

      I launched the debugger and breaked after running. Then I changed PC(Program Counter)  to the unused flash area.

      After that, I ran it again. Consequently, PC is running in the while(1) of  CY_ISR(IntDefaultHandler) in Cm0plusStart.c.

      The errno macro seems to mean 0 value. but, there is no 0 value in "errno.h".

      Does it mean that "Execution of an Undefinded instruction" is done?


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