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    I ask you technical question about cy8c4248lqi-bl583




      We are a provider of access control systems.

      We provide access control services using BLE beacons.


      We are replacing the existing BLE chipset with your cy8c4248lqi-bl583 model.


      I have some problems while using it.


      The approximate structure of our system is as follows.


      1. Scan the BLE signal

      2. UART communication with corresponding scan information MCU

      3. Corresponding data processing in MCU

      4. UART communication from MCU to BLE

      5. Send the processed data beacon from the BLE



      We process the information scanned by your BLE chip and transmit it using your BLE chip.

      (Both beacon scanning and beacon transmission use one chip.)



      Under normal circumstances, the operation is working without problems.

      However, there is a phenomenon that stops the operation continuously in certain situations.



      The specific situation is the situation where the power of the place where the access control system is installed is weak (unstable situation).



      Under normal circumstances, it will work for approximately 48 hours.

      However, there is a phenomenon that can not be scanned after that.



      It seems that there is a phenomenon that only the scanning operation stops when the beacon sending operation is normal.

      (The BLE scan is determined to be a problem because the UART communication has confirmed that the UART communication operates normally in the situation where the corresponding operation is stopped.)



      Therefore, please check if this problem can occur.



      It is suspected that the beacon transmission timing and beacon scan timing are different due to the current cause.



      The current beacon transmission cycle is 100ms

      The beacon scan window is in use for 70ms.



      We are also using a function called "CyBle_ProcessEvents".

      Please check if there is a case where the function stops only the function. (To make sure that the result is not processed due to the function problem, though it was scanned.)



      I also want to know exactly where that problem is occurring.

      There is no error in any part when debugging at present.


      We ask if there is a way (code verification) that can detect the phenomenon that this operation, that is, the scan is not normal.



      I wish you eternal development of the company.


      Thank you.

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          It seems that there is a phenomenon that only the scanning operation stops when the beacon sending operation is normal.

          Ans: Could you please elaborate more on which conditions the scanning operation was stopping.



          CyBle_ProcesEvents() function must be called at least once every interval 't' where 't' is equal to the connection interval or scan interval, whichever is smaller, if the device is in GAP Central mode of operation.


          Please refer to Day010_Observer project in the GitHub. This code example uses the BLE component to demonstrate the Observer role of PSoC 4 BLE device. In this code example, device scans for the nearby advertising devices continuously and shows the advertising report and scan response data of the advertising devices on the UART terminal (like Tera Term).



          P Yugandhar.



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            In the above operation, do not perform the BLE connection. Use only beacon to send and receive necessary data.


            It is a situation in which both Advertise and Scan are being performed.


            The process of the scan operation stopping occurs when it is operated for a long period of time (approximately 2 to 3 days). It also confirmed that all six boards started at different times, all of which stopped working at the same time.


            We run scan and Advertise for the first time and continue to operate without timeout. Then, send and receive beacon data and convert the Advertise data.


            If you don't do timeout, I wonder if there is a possibility that the Scan list or Advertise list may accumulate and stop working.

            And because of lack of power, I want to know if there are times when Advertise works and only Scan stops working.

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              We have to provide a sufficient power supply to the BLESS for proper RF performance. Please refer to the Power supply section in the PSoC4 BLE Architecture TRM datasheet for more information.

              For custom board, please select proper ECO and WCO crystals for good RF performance. Please refer to section5 for more information in the PSoC4 BLE troubleshooting guide.



              P Yugandhar.