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    PSoC 5LP UART receiver Interrupt not triggering with BLE


      I am working on PSoC 5LP and External BLE(SPBTLE-1S module) project, I have set up UART changes in the PSoC 5LP and the UART is working fine with both TX and RX functionalities. I need to transmit and receive data through a BLE device that is connected to this transmitter and receiver of the PSoC device.


      The Tx of the PSoC is connected to receiver of the BLE and then it will transmit the data to application connected.

      The RX of the PSoC is connected to the tranmitter of the BLE, commands send to the BLE will be received and transmitted to the  UART of PSoC.


      When i tested by sending data from the PSoC device to BLE, I am able to receive it in the Application(connected to BLE).


      But when i am sending data to the BLE, I am not able to receive it at the PSoC device end, When i tested the BLE separately both transmission and data reception are working fine.


      Is there any other interrupt it need to set when data is received through the UART with these external pins(The BLE TX is connected to receiver of the UART(pin 12.6)? .