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    PSOC 6 central/peripheral simultaneously


      Hello all


      I want to use a psoc 63 to connect to the client app as peripheral while at the same time being as central scanning/connecting to another peripheral(psoc 4).

      I was able to do the above step, by using the psoc 4 device name as advertising and on the gapc_scan_progress_result event, connect to it from the psoc 63.

      I am trying to write to a custom characteristic from the app to the psoc 4 device through the connection established with the psoc 63, basically the psoc 6 acting as a bridge to copy what has been written to its gatt db and write it to the psoc 4 which is connected to. The custom service and characteristics in the psoc 63 are both in server and client gatt db, I have implemented the event gatts_write_req to get data from the client app, and the Cy_BLE_GATTC_WriteCharacteristicValue in the gap_device_connected event to write the same data to the psoc 4 peripheral. Connections are established but can't make the write succeeding, actually it times out.

      Is there a way to achieve this bridge implementation? (the multi role code example doesn't really apply to this scenario).