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    CYW43455 wifi adaptivity CCA


      Hi Cypress


      I am using CYW43455(pi3 b+ platform) to pass CE certification, with wl tool version:


      1.141 RC64.24

      w10: Mar 12 2018 16:18:54 version 7.45.222(RPI-PRKE) (r683458 CY WLTEST) FWID 01-35ee9694



      But when we go adaptivity testing, our CCA time is fail (271us measured, but spec is 18~160us)

      Our wl setting is refered to wl manual 4.2.5 as follows, could you give us any suggestion for our setting?


      sudo ./wl -i wlan0 out

      sudo ./wl -i wlan0 down

      sudo ./wl -i wlan0 frameburst 0

      sudo ./wl -i wlan0 ampdu 1

      sudo ./wl -i wlan0 country FR/5

      sudo ./wl -i wlan0 bi 65000

      sudo ./wl -i wlan0 phy_watchdog 0

      sudo ./wl -i wlan0 mpc 0

      sudo ./wl -i wlan0 txchain 1

      sudo ./wl -i wlan0 mimo_bw_cap 1

      sudo ./wl -i wlan0 2g_rate -r 1

      sudo ./wl -i wlan0 up

      sudo ./wl -i wlan0 phy_forcecal 1

      sudo ./wl -i wlan0 join "MY_AP"

      sleep 5

      sudo ./wl -i wlan0 status

      sudo ./wl -i wlan0 phy_ed_thresh -70

      sudo dhclient

      iperf -c 192.168.x.x -u -b -l -i 1 -t 10000