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    Miniprog3 debugging issues in PSoC Creator


      I am working on a PSoC 5LP realted project, for a specific reason i need to use Miniprog3 to program/ debug the 5LP device. It was working fine before i replaced the device driver with libusb, now i am unable to use it because PSoC creator is not recognizing this device even after changing it.


      I have attached few images of device manager how its visible in the system when its working and how its listed in the system when its not working, can any body please help me in resolving this issue.


      One thing i observed from the below image is,

      ---> when its working its listed at Universal Serial Bus Controllers.

      ---> when its not working its listed at Universal Serial Bus Devices.


      1. Device manager image when its working fine.


      2.Device manager image when its Not working.

      3. PSoC creator port recognition issue.

      debug window.PNG