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    how to set I2S/PCM parameter in CYW4356


      Hi Cypress,


      We're debugging HFP audio with CYW4356(BT firmware: BCM4354A2.1CX.hcd) PCM interface under android 9, have some question need you clarify.

      1. what's the default setting for bluetooth PCM of CYW4356 using above firmware?

      2. is there any tool or HCI command which can be used to adjust bluetooth PCM setting?

      actually we tried to use 0xFC6D and 0xFC1C to configure I2SPCM interface, but it doesn't work, do you have any suggestion?




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               Actually, we have a flow to apply for a formal bluetooth firmware,  when doing the apply we will often ask customer to fill a table named CRRQ which include the setting of PCM or I2S interface,  So we have no idea about the default setting in your firmware,  and bt firmware release will have a more complicated firmware version attached, seems your firmware should be modified when compiled in your project.

          for the HCI command, I will find and provide one if you want, but if you want to get a formal firmware release, you need to find FAE, then do CRRQ, then get the release.

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