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    S29GL064N with VIO left open (not tied to the 3.3V)


      Hi everybody,


      I have an interesting case where a TSOP56 case S29GL064N (Spansion/ Cypress) was found to have Pin29 left open (not brazed on the PWB).

      Pin 29 is "VIO" that powers the I/O buffers of the Flash memory.

      The memory has pull-ups (3K32) on signals #BYTE (Pin 53) and I/O buffers (DQ0-DQ15) tied to the 3.3v power supply.

      The Memory works fine even with VIO open circuit but found to fail at hot temperature (+85°C).

      I Wonder why the Flash is working with the VIO left open and not tied to the 3.3V, except if the I/O buffers could be powered in some way through the pull-ups, and in this case a configuration where the I/Os are not meeting high speed transfer reducing  drawn current from the 3.3V by the pull-ups that  would maintain the I/Os at correct logic level...

      Do you guys have any idea or experience on how the I/O buffers could be powered in my case  (pull-ups on I/Os, pull-up on #BYTE, other, ...)?


      Many thanks,