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    PSOC 4200 SWD Debug - How can I stream internal variables at high data rate?




      I'm using PSOC 4200 series uC. I used PSOC creator as my IDE when I wrote my application program. It seems PSOC creator has a very basic debugging interface where I'm not able to stream internal variables out in real time. There is no spare communication interfaces that I can use to stream out the data. Also, the application code has consumed most of the CPU run time so it's not possible to add more communication software. I think my last bet is the SWD interface.


      May I know if it's possible at all to use the SWD interface to stream out internal variables on the PSOC 4200 series microcontrollers? And if so, how should I go about doing it? Do I need to export the software to another IDE and purchase debug probes that can achieve this functionality? What do you recommend as a cost-effective way to achieve what I described?


      Thanks in advance,