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    a2dp source using demo/watch



      I know that there is an a2dp source built into the demo/watch app and I am trying to make it work but something is wrong. I am using the CYBT-413034-EVAL board on Windows.


      1. The Client Control app can connect to the COM port, but I am unsure how to communicate with the board(ClientControl.png). I have read that the 20719 boards do not support the DIRECT_LOAD option but does that mean that I cannot use ClientControl at all?


      2. After not being able to use the Client Control app, I configured it so that I can connect directly to the module. I can connect, and on an android, it gives me the media control option, meaning it is coming across as a type of media(media audio.jpg). However, the device immediately disconnects after pairing and does not reconnect. I have it printing out to a serial terminal and it does not show any disconnect happening, but my phone is no longer connected: I have attached the output (a2dp_source_pairing.txt). Is there a reason why it would immediately disconnect?



      3. If I was to put this onto a custom PCB, how would the programming work? Would it need to be through UART? or is there a programmer?



      I have attached my project to help with this. I have commented out the majority of the BLE items because as an a2dp source, we do not need BLE.