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    BCM4390 failed to connect to AP

      Dear sir,


      I am working on SB-WM-N04 SoC which is based on BCM43390. I am using SDK-3.1.2.

      However, I found that SB-WM-N04 failed to connect to Acess-Points after I configured it through the configuration web pages.

      SB-WM-N04 can do snip.scan app successfully. But when it came for demo.applicance app, no luck after I entered password and ask N04 to connect the target AP.



      After a whole day of experiments, I finally found that BCM4390 does not connect to APs with WPA-TKIP or some specific encryption choice. However, N01(BCM43326) connect successfully with every kind  of encryption.


      Can anyone please help?






      ============= The log from console =================

      Scan complete in 2295 milliseconds

      Waiting for scan results...

        # Type  BSSID             RSSI  Rate Chan  Security    SSID


        0 Infra 00:12:17:1B:5A:26  -84  54.0    1  WPA2 Mixed  JFT Guest                       

        1 Infra E0:CB:4E:DC:F2:AC  -76  54.0    6  WPA2 AES    ASUSPWM                         

        2 Infra F4:09:D8:CE:2A:77  -55  72.2    6  WPA2 AES    PaiNote3                        

        3 Infra 60:A4:4C:C7:14:0E  -82 300.0   11  WPA2 Mixed  JFT                             

        4 Infra 00:0A:79:E5:D4:C8  -64 300.0    8  WPA TKIP    Quan_Lab                        


      Scan complete in 2302 milliseconds


      Starting WICED v3.1.2

      Platform BCM94390WCD2 initialised

      Started ThreadX v5.6

      Initialising NetX_Duo v5.7_sp1

      Creating Packet pools

      WWD SoC/4390 interface initialised

      WLAN MAC Address : B0:38:29:18:5D:FE


      WLAN Firmware    : wl0: Sep 23 2014 15:25:17 version (r504179)



      Starting WICED v3.1.2

      Setting IPv6 link-local address

      IPv4 network ready IP:

      Joining : ASUSPWM

      Failed to join: ASUSPWM

      Joining : ASUSPWM

      Failed to join: ASUSPWM

      Joining : ASUSPWM

      Failed to join: ASUSPWM