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    WICED-Studio- fails silently


      After unzipping the installer and executing it as an administrator, the process fails after the initial progress bar reaches 100%.  No other error indications appear.


      Initially, I had unzipped the file into the default directory (WICED-Studio- under my Downloads directory; I verified that both WICED-Studio- and config.eml were present in the directory prior to executing the installer.  Available space on the drive is 146 GB.


      To eliminate the possibility of path names being too long I copied the install directory to the root of the D: drive which has 240 GB of free space.  I got the same result; after the initial progress bar reached 100%, there was no further activity; the InstallAnywhere Self-Extractor process disappeared from the task manager.


      Any ideas?

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          I looked in the AppData\Local\Temp directory and did not find any files named wiced_install_log, but I did find a number of files (one for each installation attempt) named with the pattern lax*.tmp.  The last entry in each of these files started with the following:


          lax.nl.current.vm= (followed by the path to the copy of javaw.exe in the temp installer directory)


          Hope this sheds a little light on exactly where the installer failed.