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    How to remove slave fifo function in AN84868?


      In AN84868, the Fx3 switch to slave fifo mode when it completes the configuration of FPGA. In my FPGA application, after configuration the FPGA does not transfer data with FX3. The FPGA requires FX3 to send it a trigger signal and read back its response. It needs 3 GPIOs in total (2 pins for response) . I define them to GPIO(0, 1, 2) according to hardware connection. I develop my firmware based on that of AN84868.  I should free these GPIO from slave fifo interface, so that it can be used as GPIO. I should remove slave fifo function in AN84868. I find in GPIF designer that I have to choose master interface or slave interface. Both are not my desired option. I only hope to choose GPIO. Can you help?

      Thank you.