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    WICED WiFi For On/OFF Reporting


      I am new to WICED WiFi and have a simple task.

      I just need to read the output of a switch (0 or 1) and send OFF or ON to my smartphone.

      What demo or current code is the best one as the starting point?

      Is there any help page on how to do the app?




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          You could open a TCP socket for connection and send messages. If you've downloaded the WICED SDK, /apps folder is where we have our sample apps. You could use the /apps/snip/tcp_client app or /apps/snip/tcp_server app. You'll need to change the AP SSID and password in /include/default_wifi_config_dct.h.


          For directions on how to use the WICED IDE, look for the Quickstart Guide in the SDK/docs for WICED-QSG202-R.pdf.