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    CYW4343W and CYW43362 support features?




      We have our custom boards with Linux 3.14 that use Murata SN8000(CYW43362) and 1DX (CYW4343W) Wi-Fi module. We are in the middle to upgrade our drivers with the 2019-05-08 Cypress FMAC packages.


      The readme file in the package states the following are the supported features.


      Supported Features


      * Concurrent APSTA

      * P2P

      * Out-of-band (OOB) interrupt

      * CLM download (43455/4343w/4354/4356/43012/89342/89359/4373)

      * Wake on Wireless LAN

      * Voice enterprise (43455)

      * PMF

      * WPA3 (43455)

      * RSDB (89342/89359)

      * Thermal throttling (4343w)

      * Fast roaming (89342)


      Is PMF (802.11w) feature supported by both CYW43362 and CYW4343W? So far I cannot get our CYW43362 device to connect to PMF enabled AP.


      Is Fast roaming (802.11r) only supported by 89342? Not for CYW43362 and CYW4343W?