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    CYW43455 bluetooth E.I.R.P Power > 10 dBm


      Hi Sir,


      We are currently developing a product that uses Raspberry Pi 3 B+, which uses CYW43455 as its BLE solution.


      Now the product is being tested for certification; however, the RF test result showed that the E.I.R.P power is more than 10 dBm.


      The certification organization suggests that the transmit power can be lower to pass the test.


      Could you tell me how to adjust the Tx transmit power? preferably by hcitool if there's any vendor specific command.


      Since we didn't implement the firmware by ourselves so we don't have any kit in hand.


      However, we will definitely get one if changing the Tx power requires re-programming the device.


      Thanks for your reply in advance.