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    WICED: how to implement clm_blob(STM32+CYW43438)




      I'm designing STM32+CYW43438 module with WICED.(WICED ver is Wiced_006.002.001.0002).


      I'd like to know following points.


      1. In default, where is clm_blob stored ?

      2. When I added countries to my regulation and made clm_blob via Mycase ,

           how can I program to my module ?


      <Back Ground>

      Usually, I used host based IC ,such as CYW4373 or CYW43455 with Linux.

      In this system, we changed clm_blob binary itself in my Linux but I'm not familiar with WICED so I don't understand basic point as above.


      I hope to get anyone help.

      Thank you.