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    How to use MagSense Toolkit




      I see that MagSense Toolkit could calculate w0 for MoT design, while I don't know how to tell what value of w0 is good or bad. Could you tell me about that ?


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          MoT sensor can detect 5 um (or more) metal cover deformation (F = 2N). If the deformation can not be so large, then it is necessary to consider reducing the gap height between the cover and the sensor to improve sensitivity. But in any case, detecting deformation below 1um is very difficult.


          Sensor sensitivity is positively correlated with sensor size, turns, layers and metal deformation, and negatively correlated with the gap height from metal cover to sensor. So in the design evaluation stage, avoid using thicker metal plate as far as possible, and minimize the gap between metal plate and sensor.



          MoT sensor 可以检测到 5um (或以上)的金属盖板形变量 (F=2N)。如果形变做不到那么大的话,那么就需要考虑减小盖板与Sensor 之间的空隙高度来提升灵敏度。但是无论如何,1um 以下的形变量是很难被检测到的。


          Sensor 的灵敏度与 Sensor 的尺寸、匝数、层数、金属形变量呈正相关,与金属盖板到Sensor的空隙高度呈负相关。所以在设计评估阶段,尽量避免使用较厚的金属板,且尽量减小金属板与sensor之间的间隔。