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    OTA function implementation




      I'm custom a FW for CYBT-343206-01. I'm afraid there may will bugs in the FW, so I want to add OTA function.I have tested EZ-serail OTA function using BLE Connection. I think I need to realize OTA function like this because if product offer to client, this way is convenient.

      My quesion is:

      1. What is the flash arrangement in CYBT-343206-01 module? Do you have any related document?

      2. How to implement OTA function? Refer to the ota_firmware_upgrade demo in WICED-Studio?




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          Hi Treacy,


          Please go through the WICED-Firmware-Upgrade-Library.pdf available in WICED SDK Doc ( /20706-A2_Bluetooth/doc/WICED-Firmware-Upgrade-Library.pdf  )


          For adding OTA function, please refer to the code example and the comments given in the code example and fw_upgrade_lib files.

          You may also refer to some of the points in the attached doc for help.




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