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    What does tcpwm.line[4]:0 mean on PSoC4000S?


      What does tcpwm.line[4]:0 mean?

      I wonder about [4] and :0 .

      It seems that [4] means TCPWM block number (0 to 4), but I don't know about :0.

      Please let me know about both [4] and :0.



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          You are right. [4] means the TCPWM block number.


          The suffix :0 indicates the index of the "line" outputs of the 4th TCPWM block. In this case, only one index :0 is used because the "line" output can be connected to the P2.0 pin.


          For example, the "line" output of the 0th TCPWM block can be connected to P2[4] or P3[0]


          The alternate pin functions table indicates the tcpwm[0].line can be connected to one of these pins using the suffix :0 and :1





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