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    Problem in the hour to add files in my project


      Hello everyone, i am with a problem in the hour to add some files in my project. For examplo: I wanna add the file "bcc425UART.c" and "bcc425UART.h" in my project, but when i build my problem, appear this error:

      Someone help me!

      I ll leave the attachment of my project here!


      Kind Regards

      Rodrigo Franco

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          It seems that you put the source/header file at the Workspace folder like following.


          Because the project does not include this folder as the search path, PSoC Creator cannot find these files.


          Solution 1: Move the files to the project folder

          Move these files to the project folder as follows.GS004110.png

          After moving these files, PSoC Creator will miss these files.


            Please delete these files at the "Workspace Explorer" and Add these files with a new location.



          Solution 2: Add a folder to the include path.

          Additional search paths can be set.  Please select the Menu bar Project>Build Settings... to open following Build Settings dialogue.


          There is a field named "Additional Include Directories" to specify additional paths.  Just type two periods in the text field and click OK button.  PSoC Creator can find these files.




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            I took a slightly different approach,

            I removed bcc425UART.c and bcc425UART.h from the project,

            then moved these to files to the folder where main.c resides.

            And added them as "Add > Existing Item... "


            Then when I tried to build the project, I got following errors


            So I modified CY_ISR(UARTRxInt)  as below


            CY_ISR(UARTRxInt) // rotira de interrupcao


                // copia os dados do buffer interno da UART para o buffer RxBuffer

            //    while(UART_ReadRxStatus() & UART_RX_STS_FIFO_NOTEMPTY)



                      RxBuffer[RxWriteIndex] = UART_UartGetByte(); // retorna o proximo byte do buffer interno da porta serial



                        // faz o buffer ser circular


                        RxWriteIndex = 0;




            And the project is now compile-able.

            Note: As I don't have the board, I have not tested if it works or not, though.