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    Thread safe updating variables


      In ARM CortexM architecture, is it interrupt safe (atomic) to update uint16_t, uint32_t variables?

      I'm guessing that __disable_irq() does return previous interrupt status, is that correct? Thank you.

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          if you use "__disable_irq()", it will close the interrupt, but it will wait the interrupt handler to finish run, then return.

          But if you use "disable_irq_nosync", it will return to the previous status.

          It is safe to update the uint16_t, uint32_t variables.

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            If you are using PSoC Creator, Following context can be used.


            void xx_isr(void) {
                uint32_t status = Cy_SysLib_EnterCriticalSection();


            The function Cy_SysLib_EnterCriticalSection() disables interrupts and returns previous status.

            The function Cy_SysLib_ExitCriticalSection() returns to the previous state using the saved status.


            It is effective for non-atomic value like uint64_t


              17:main_cm4.c    ****     uint32_t status = Cy_SysLib_EnterCriticalSection();
              38 0002 FFF7FEFF              bl      Cy_SysLib_EnterCriticalSection
              39                    .LVL0:
              18:main_cm4.c    ****     count++;
              41 0006 0549                  ldr     r1, .L3
              42 0008 D1E90023              ldrd    r2, [r1]
              43 000c 0132                  adds    r2, r2, #1
              44 000e 43F10003              adc     r3, r3, #0
              45 0012 C1E90023              strd    r2, [r1]
              19:main_cm4.c    ****     Cy_SysLib_ExitCriticalSection(status);
              47 0016 FFF7FEFF              bl      Cy_SysLib_ExitCriticalSection




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