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    PSoC 62 BGA124 Pinout Questions




      I was trying to build a small board for a BGA124 PSoC62 device (CY8C6246BZI-D04). I assumed initially all the PSoC 62 in the BGA124 package would have the same pinout, but I'm not so sure now... in fact I'm not 100% sure of the correct pinout for this part itself. I haven't gone through every pin, but balls K1/K2/K3 were how I first noticed the problem.


      PSoC 62 landing page https://www.cypress.com/documentation/datasheets/psoc-6-mcu-psoc-62-datasheet-programmable-system-chip-psoc  points me to the datasheet at https://www.cypress.com/file/385916/download  .

      K1 = VRF

      K2 = VIND2

      K3 = VBUCK2


      Another datasheet at https://www.cypress.com/file/460816/download had this pinout:

      K1 = NC

      K2 = VIND2

      K3 = VIND2


      According to the symbol at https://www.cypress.com/cad-resources/cad-library-psoc-6-mcu-family?source=search&cat=technical_documents (which lists CY8C6246BZI-D04) as one of them this symbol supports:

      K1 = K2 = K3 = NC

      This also follows the schematic of the CY8CMOD-062-4343W (which I assume is ‘ground truthed’ then) that shows no connection to these pins.


      Was this a revision change? It seems the pins in question can be left NC (since I don't need those features), but wanted to confirm.