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    Hi all,


      i am using CY8C5888LTI-LP097 for blink led. I have chosen right target .verified code ,no error generated but still facing problem that led not blinking ,how can i find what is the problem?can anyone send me schematic for led blink without using any switch and pwm?

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          My schematic


          Pin List (for CY8CKIT-059)





          #include "project.h"


          int main(void)


              int status = 0 ;   

              CyGlobalIntEnable; /* Enable global interrupts. */




                  LED_Write(status) ;

                  status = !status ;

                  CyDelay(500) ; /* 0.5 sec */






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            I just tested your configuration. Instead of your PSoC5 kit-059 (which you probably use) I took a PSoC4-M kit-043 which worked as expected.

            Try using a different pin and a scope to verify working (pin toasted?).



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                        thank you for replying,

                        I have same schematic,same code ,and  same pin configuration but still facing problem.

              Even pin and led not toasted or burnt.any other option to configure LED in 'configure LED' settings like mark or unmask HW connection?

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                Wow, it's getting tough!


                Are you using a Cypress EVB, like CY8CKIT-059 or using an original board?

                Since last night, I've been thinking how you (or we) can manage not to light LED with the code.


                One thing came to my mind is the direction of LED,

                in case you are using original board

                or connecting an external LED to the board.


                If you use Active High Logic, LED must be connected something like


                and if you use Active Low Logic, LED must be connected something like


                Would you double check the direction of the LED?


                And also I think that connecting VDD (3.0~5.0) V and GND to both side of LED

                to check if the LED is alive might be a good check, too.



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                  Tested the above code on a CY8CKIT-050 using LED4 <6.3> and no problems here.


                  Maybe something in your configuration is causing you problems.  Have you confirmed that your code is actually running with the debugger?

                  The "HW Connection" option for a pin should not be checked unless you are driving the pin from a PSoC component such as a PWM or a Control Register.



                  Everything mentioned above by Moto in the above post is probably more likely than an issue with the code running.  We populate a good amount our PCBs in-house and every once in a while we'll come across an LED placed in reverse, so it's definitely a mistake that can sneak by.

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                    I just ran the project on a PSoC5 kit-059 with no changes and it works fine so there must be some problem with your board or the device is not programming correctly.