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    Does the 20736 have a "hardware" random number generator?

      Hi all,


      I'm using the 20736's random number generator and I seem to be getting some repeated numbers once in a while (but more often than expected).


      I'm wondering if it's a pseudo-random number generator (software, needs manual seeding), instead of a hardware one (which does self-seeding).


      The problem is really when, for example, I use 1000 different devices to generate their own 32-bit ID numbers.  When the central retrieves their IDs, we noticed that some ID numbers were generated by a few devices.




      Id 0x12345678 only 1 device


      Id 0x9ABCDEF only 1 device


      Id 0x34FE0207 was generated by 4 devices


      Id 0xFF810ADD was generated by 3 devices




      In the end, the central reported that there only about 700 unique IDs among those 1000 devices.


      Is this an expected limitation or am I doing something wrong?


      Here's what I did:


      UINT32 random_number;


      ulp_rand(&random_number, 1);






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