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    FX3 Configures Xilinx a FPGA with 15MB bin file.


      I use FX3 to configure xilinx Kintex-7 FPGA. I uses the cypress example firmware of one application note that uses FX3 to configure xilinx FPGA in slave serial mode. The configuration data  is a 15MB bin file. The configure is unsuccessful. I use JTAG to debug the firmware and find that the FX3 only get 7MB data. The firmware fails to fill the buffer when it want to get more data. Is that because the configuration data is huge that exceeds the RAM of FX3? How to resolve to problem. Thank you.

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          - Please let know which firmware you are using to send the data.

          - What is the DMA channel buffer size and count in the firmware that you are using.

          - Are the DMA buffers committed automatically/ manually in the firmware?

          - In case of using manual channels, are there any failures on DMA related APIs?


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            The firmware is that in AN84868. I have solved the problem by set the maximum allowed transfer time to 20 seconds. The firmware receives a packet of data and configure the data to FPGA and then receive another packet. The transfer takes actually less then 1 second. Most time of the 20 seconds is consumed in configuring FPGA by SPI interface.  I find data are configure by Byte to FPGA. Significant waiting time exists between 2 consequent byte.  My further question is how to accelerate the configuration. I think there are two ways. 1) I can choose to transfer up to 4 bytes without waiting time by setting of SPI interface. 2) I can increase the SPI transfer frequency to 33MHz described in the datasheet. Is there any other way?