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    CC1 and CC2 labels swapped on Pins diagram on CYPD3171-24LQXQ ?


      We are evaluating a design based on the CYPD3171. When opening the cydwr file pins diagram. I noticed that the CC1 and CC2 assignments are not correct:

      • Pins diagram in PSOC Creator has CC1 on pin 14 and CC2 on pin 15 (see attached)
      • Datasheet has CC1 on pin 15 and CC2 on pin 14
      • Main board schematic for CY4532 EVK also shows CC1 on pin 15 and CC2 on pin 14.


      I'm running PSOC Creator 4.2.


      Can anyone confirm that this is wrong on the PSOC Creator Pins diagram?

      Is there an errata associated with this?