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    How to enable USB Type A code in the pa_opto_fb firmware?


      We are developing a device with 2 USB-C ports and 2 USB-A ports using opto feedback and the CYPD3174.

      Using the baseline pa_opto_fb firmware, how do I go about adding USB-A functionality? I have noticed in the code that there is a CCG_TYPE_A_PORT_ENABLE define and the code is grayed out.


      In one of the code examples for the CLA firmware, there is a TopDesign.cysch TypeA tab that shows a PWM block and PWM_OUT_A, BUCK_BOOST_EN_A, and TYPE_A_VBUS_EN signals. These same signal names are in the pa_opto_fb firmware but grayed out. Does this mean that if I were to add a TypeA tab to the TopDesign.cysch and duplicate the signal names of the CLA example that the USB-A port will function? What #defines do I need to change to enable the appropriate code for the CCG_TYPE_A_PORT_ENABLE? What other changes will be needed to get this USB-A port working?