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    Bluetooth coexistence broken after upgrading firmware for BCM43362


      I'm using a AP6476 WiFi+BT combo module with BCM43362.


      Until recently I have been using an old firmware from linux-firmware (43362a2-roml/sdio-g-pno-pktfilter-keepalive-wapi-wme-p2p Version: CRC: bd1e3e5a Date: Mon 2013-04-22 17:24:44 CST). With the old firmware, WiFi and BT work together without any problems. Only P2P is broken.


      Now I'm trying to use the updated Cypress firmware for BCM43362/CYW43362 from Cypress Linux WiFi Driver Release (FMAC) [2019-05-08] (version: 5.90.251). It works mostly, including P2P, but WiFi/BT coexistence appears to be no longer working. WiFi stops working as soon as BT is active. This looks like a firmware regression since it works fine with the older firmware.


      The WiFi problem can be seen by running continuous ping and then enabling BT. The ping response times go up to 20 seconds. (see ping.txt). As soon as BT is disabled, ping is back to normal.

      Was there any change in the firmware that broke WiFi/BT coexistence? Is there any way to avoid this problem? Maybe with a change in the NVRAM file (attached)? In general, can the Cypress firmware be used for all BCM43362 chips, including AMPAK?


      Thanks in advance,