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    How to store multiple Wi-Fi credentials


      Hi All,


      I'm using SDK6.1 in my code. I want to store 5 Wi-Fi  credentials in the memory location.


      Where i need to store it to without loosing it after reset. How and which memory location i can allocate for it.





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          please take a look at our Dct_read_write memo in the snip directory of the release.

          then:  check the function  Print_wifi_config_dct

          next:  check the structure   platform_dct_wifi_config_t

          and:   check the member of the structure:

                     Wiced_config_ap_entry_t stored_ap_list [CONFIG_AP_LIST_SIZE]

          more:   CONFIG_AP_LIST_SIZE =5,


            This  is what your need.

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