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    CY8CKIT-145-40XX PSoC 4000S uploading programs









      All programs installed.PNG

      Cntrl + f5.PNG




      I just wrote a simple program of one LED light blinking at 500 milliseconds delay. I would like to upload this program to the Psoc board, but am unable to upload the program. I try to do this with 2 methods.


      1 - Is seen in the image titled "Cntrl + f5". I simply click on the program, but nothing is appearing in the menu.


      2 - Is seen in the image "6" through the bootloader. I'm unable to find the .cyacd file in the debug folder of the project nor at the .dep folder.


      I hope I could clearly tell you my problem. Please don't hesitate to ask further details. I also showed what programs I have installed.