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    50,000 Forum Points


      It is an honor to be a part of this forum. When I started with Cypress PSoCs about 12 years ago there was a PSoC1 and you needed an ICE cube when you wanted to debug. Nowadays there is the well known Kitprog that comes as a snap-off part together with a prototyping kit.

      This forum has undergone a couple of changes which always led to improvements. When the forum started there was a frequency of about 5 to 10 posts a day while now there are 25 to 40 posts. This shows imho how well the current forum is accepted by us users.

      I want to thank all the contributors here for the politeness, there have been very few unkind voices which I think is quite unusual.


      May your code never fail


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          Sara Leslie

          Wow congratulations on passing 50k points! Even more importantly - Thank you for your continued participation and engagement. Experts like you improve the experience for all members and help drive the community.


          Stay tuned for information on a new top contributor program where we will be working more closely with you and other highly engaged members.


          I also added you as a contact so you can feel free to message or email me anytime if you have ideas, questions etc.