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    About UDB Recources


      Please see attached the File.


      About resources of UDB, when using Counter.

      Before using Counter, the UDB resources looks like enough resource.

      But adding counter, there happend Error that looked like coused by UDB resource shortage.


      The Error Message is below.


      Error: plm.M0046: E2071: Unable to pack the design into 24 UDBs. See the Digital Placement section of the report file

      for details. For additional assistance, see the Mapper, Placer, Router section in the PSoC Creator help.

      Error: plm.M0046: E2055: An error occurred during placement of the design.

      Error: plm.M0046: "C:¥Program Files (x86)¥Cypress¥PSoC Creator¥4.2¥PSoC Creator¥bin/sjplacer.exe" failed



      It seems that resources can still afford to add resources (data sheets) used for counters, but they will run out.
      Why is that?


      Regards, Naoki

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          Please note this is an opinion from a user not the maker,

          so please read with a grain of salt.


          IMHO, in general we can not use 100% of resource in a programmable device such as FPGA, PLD, and/or PSoC.

          And the error in your pdf seems to be not the resource shortage, but placement and layout failure.


          So off my head, what you (or we) could try are

          (1) Consider larger device

          (2) Change the placing of UDB devices, (may not work though)

          (3) Implement 16bit counter using 2 x 8bit counters



          通常 プログラマブルデバイスではリソースを 100% するのは難しいと思います。

          添付されていた pdf を拝見すると、エラーはリソースネックではなく




          (1) もっと大きなデバイスを検討する

          (2) UDBを使用するコンポーネントをスケマティック上に置く順番を変えてみる


          (3) 16bit カウンターを2つの 8bit カウンターに置き換えて試してみる。