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    License for WICED Sense iOS source code ?

      Can anyone confirm what license the wiced sense iOS source code is distributed under.  Am I free to use this source code in my app?


      What about referring to wiced sense device by name in my app, such as "Connects to WICED Sense by Broadcom" in the user interface or user manual?


      What about using an icon resembling the wiced sense device in the app.


      Thank you



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          Hello Graham,


          I think the WICED Sense icon and WICED Sense names are trademarked.


          Let us check on the usage of the iOS Source Code




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            thank you for the reply. Can you provide more details regarding implications of trademark.


            Specifically:  I have an ipad app that displays accelerometer and other sensor data on graphs and allows you to save to a file. Information about the project is here http://isaacsapple.littlebytesofpi.com. Currently it works using the sensors from the ipad or from an android running the remote server app and connected over wifi.


            I want to enhance the ipad app to the wiced sense device.  This device is perfect for my target user which is physics teachers in the classroom.  It is small and low cost.


            IN the the ui I would want to use the name "WICED Sense" to refer to this device.  I would also want to show a likeness of the device as an icon when connected.   In the App Store listing I would want to say something like "... can connect to the WICED Sense device by Broadcom"


            Is this allowed.  Do I require permission?  Who would I ask about permission?


            thank you



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              Hello Graham,


              Apologize for the late reply.

              As mentioned earlier, WICED Sense is trademarked Broadcom and its specific use is beyond our call here on the forum.


              I imagine that you can contact Marketing and pursue this with the Broadcom legal department, but we don't have a direct contact?


              Sorry we couldn't be of more help - No one has ever asked this question before.


              Good luck on your project!