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    PSoC Creator export to IAR  Debug problem


      Hi Sir ,

            Now I  am using CY8C4547AZI-445  for a project . I have exported  the project to IAR 8.3. Now I have a probem ,when download and debug  ,it prompt flashloader error. And not be able to access timing interruption,when place a breakpoit .

            I have paid a lot of time to find out the cause .Now I get it ,but don't know why. 



          In i_ODUtim1ms.c ,there is one function:



             if (Timer_1ms_INTR_MASK_CC_MATCH == Timer_1ms_GetInterruptSourceMasked()) // Check interrupt source


                 Timer_1ms_ClearInterrupt(Timer_1ms_INTR_MASK_CC_MATCH); // Clear interrupt and then process Capture interrupt



             Timer_1ms_ClearInterrupt(Timer_1ms_INTR_MASK_TC);       // Clear interrupt and then process Terminal Count interrupt




            I have cut the code and paste it to main.c , all the problem have solved . If  I debug the program using Psoc Creator 4.2 ,and

      there is no problem .

           I think may be there  is something different in the complier ,but I can't find out it . Could you please kindly help me?