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    CYW43455 PCB antenna



      We'd like to use CYW43455 module in one of our product design in a FCC Class B environment. Is there any reference design guide available from Cypress that show how to design a pcb antenna for this module?



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          Unfortunately, the reference guide is not available in Community. Kindly get in touch with your nearest Cypress Sales and Marketing team with your request. They will qualify the request and able to help you further on this.

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            As chip down design for WiFi/Combo is not supported outside of a few isolated cases, which 43455 partner based module will you be using in production?  Many of the partner modules are pre-certified with certain antennas, and can leverage a class 2 permissive change for antenna modifications which retain similar technical specifications.


            A list of partner modules is here: IoT Solutions Guide

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              Thanks for sharing the info. We are thinking of using the raspberry pi compute module together with 43455 module. The 43455 module on RPi does come with a patent triangle pcb antenna installed which we could not use in our design so we have to design our own.


              BYW, I did check the list of partner modules and found none with 43455 module is pre-certified with antennas.