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    Publish growth pin diagram for 54 TSOP II SRAM package


      Can Cypress provide the projected maximum density pin connections for memory packages to allow customers to attach higher density parts? Higher density parts may be required when customers run out of memory or if the lower density parts are EOL'd?



      - 8-Mbit CY14B108L/N both x8 in 44-TSOP and x16 in 54-TSOP Pin Diagrams on page 3 of the data sheet @ https://www.cypress.com/file/43046/download  show expansion connection to next higher 16-Mbit density.

      - 16-Mbit CYB116L/L only x8 in 44-TSOP Pin Diagram on page 4 of the data sheet @ https://www.cypress.com/file/46601/download  shows expansion to next higher 32-Mbit density.


      I did find a competitor's pin diagram for a 32-Mbit x16 RAM in 54-TSOP that shows the addition of ADDR(20) to pin 1.

      Will Cypress follow this competitor who has published a 32-Mbit RAM pin-out?


      Will ADDR(21) be assigned to one of pins 25-30 for 64-Mbit x16 RAM?

      Will the 54-TSOP II package support higher density RAM? If so, where will ADDR(22-26) be assigned?


      Thanks for your support.