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    CCG3PA Programming over SWD


      Hi. We will be using a CCG3PA in our design. Also wanting to have the ability to program a fresh PCBA over SWD either at the factory or when out in the field. We understand SWD specifications enough to write the R/W routines. However, we believe we are re-inventing the wheel here.


      1) Are the details on how the PC communicates over USB with your miniprog3 available to the public? Available under NDA? These details would allow us to use the Cypress s/w tools to flash our hardware design over SWD.


      2) Is the USB to SWD miniprog3 bridge available in source code format to the public? Available under NDA?


      Plan B is to start coding our own solution asap. This widget will be used strictly for flashing the CCG3PA and not for debugging. The use of the reflashing over CC lines is still too high of a risk for our product roadmap and also demands that a bootloader be applied using SWD first. Prefer that each widget have the ability to flash over SWD.


      Thanks in advance.