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    Dual-Core Basics project




      I've loaded the Dual-Core Basics project (https://www.cypress.com/documentation/code-examples/ce216795-psoc-6-mcu-dual-core-basics) into Modus Toolbox but it appears to come with a pre-built CM0+ image (psoc6_01_cm0p_sleep_signed.elf) rather than using an image built by the project.


      When importing into Modus Toolbox, should two separate projects be created for the CM0+ & CM4 cores which are both built prior to FLASHing and debugging ?


      I'm not sure if it's related but I get a whole bunch of errors when I compile the project that are corrected when I then load the Device Configurator. An initial warning is given: "Libraries targeted by the design were not found: psoc6sw-1.0. Go to "File->Update Referenced Libraries" and select the correct versions of the libraries. ". When I update the libraries the project can then be built.


      The assocated app note suggests that the Red & Blue LEDs should flash out of the box but nothing happens. Only when I uncomment the following line in main.c does the Red LED flash, suggesting that the CM0+ core isn't running it's part of the project:

      init_cycfg_all(); // move this to the CM0+


      Any ideas what I'm doing wrong ?