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    CE222494 WiFi Demo - initial ip address



      I try to adapt "the flagship"  demo firmware of PSoC 6 WiFi-BT Pioneer Kit:


      My first change will be simply modification of initial IP address of PSoC (used when it starts and temporary works as the AP).

      By default we have I intend to play with last figures.

      I tried to dig a little in the codes to find that phrase...  but honestly i feel lost now

      I found a lot of instances which appear to be the target of modification…






      INITIALISER_IPV4_ADDRESS( .ip_address, MAKE_IPV4_ADDRESS( 192,168,  0, 1 ) ),

      Which one is correct? Is there one definition of that address?

      I couldn’t find it…


      Just to avoid some obvious questions:

      The purpose of that silly modifications... is just the conflict with one of the router I use (I was to lazy to change its default address…)